Located on the western edge of Cincinnati at the Cincinnati West Airport (I67), is the Harrison Social Flites flying club. The club was established over 40 years ago by a group of men with a plan to make flying affordable and more social.
As a members owned and operated corporation, each member is a fractional owner of the club's aircraft. Additionally, as a non-profit organization, we operate the Club on the basis of actual operating costs; this allows our members to fly comfortable and well maintained aircraft at very affordable hourly rates.  Fixed costs, such as hangar fees, insurance, and annual inspections, are shared costs amongst all members. Sharing these expenses is what gives flying clubs their financial advantage. Additionally, since insurance is covered by our shared expenses, members are relieved from purchasing individual aircraft rental insurance.
While we take flying and safety very seriously, our rules are structured such that they offer each member a great deal of flexibility and a feeling of individual ownership of our aircraft.
Our aircraft has its own hangar and is well maintained by an on airfield mechanic at Whitewater Aviation.
If you like flying or you like talking about flying when you're not, please give us a visit. We look forward to meeting you.

Do you have questions or want club information?

Email us, or come see us in person.

  • Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month.
  • Just completed the Penn Yan Super Hawk conversion ** New 180hp Engine Installed. **
  • NEW AIRCRAFT INTERIOR!! See pictures on the aircraft page.
I67 - Cincinnati West Airport, Harrison, OH

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Harrison Social Flites
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